My Love Looks Like…

a poem written collaboratively by the audience at June 2018 Starting Point in Portland, Oregon… thank you all for giving me such beautiful words to work with to create this amazing poem celebrating love (a warning for more sensitive readers that there is one sexually graphic line in this poem)

My love looks like the future,
like showing up for others.
My love looks like burning light of 10,000 suns.
My love looks like colors on fire,
like love note and
hidden flowers.

My love looks like an Adidas track-suit
and also a goddess,
naked in the moonlight.
My love looks like fisting until she oozes sweet sweet
liquid down my arm.
In other words,
my love looks

My love looks like dessert;
delicious, and fun, each one different.
My love looks like [insert 50 pictures of my cat here].

My love looks like a breath of fresh air,
dirt beneath feet
sweat upon a brow,
all without fear but facing
the world with curiosity and desire.

My love looks like tropical sunsets and rainy Portland days,
homemade dinners and fancy champagne,
and swimming in lakes nearly nude.

My love looks wild, untameable,
like feral echoes, a language older than words,
an ecology of resistance.

My love looks like abundance,
a beautiful forest after the rain,
the dream where the storm is about to dash you
on the rocks but instead a lighthouse of laughter
appears to guide you to harbor.
My love looks like finding out home can be found
in a person not just a place.

My love looks like multiplicity,
an overwhelming desire for mutuality,
like growth,
like resilience, healing.
My love looks like one link
in the chain of life;
all connected and plugged in to
the Source.

My love looks like complete and utter happiness,
My love looks like acceptance.
My love looks like a wound broke open healed over;
sometimes painful,
but ready to be mended.

My love looks like a damn fine mess,
like everyone I meet.

For all of us are beautiful.
For all of us are desirable.
For all of us are worthy of love.

My love looks like


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